Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Absolut Vodka Rock Edition by Natalia Brilli

Falando mesmo em Absolut, depois da grande fama da Disco Edition, foi lançada nessa segunda a Rock Edition da Absolut. Desenvolvida pela designer e artista Natalia Brilli que gosta muito de embalar coisas em couro.
Mark Hamilton, cabeça do marketing para vodkas da Pernod Ricard UK, comenta sobre a Absolut Rock Edition:
"Absolut Rock Edition is our way of celebrating rock and invites consumers to feel like rockstars. It builds on the excitement generated around the Absolut brand since the ‘In An Absolut World' platform launched earlier this year."

O site da artista também é bem interessante e merece uma conferida.
link: Natalia Brilli

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Anonymous said...

The news about the ABSOLUT ROCK EDITION is now rapidly being spread all over the globe.

However, in some media and blogs, there are a couple of misunderstandings regarding the connection to Woodstock and Natalia Brilli:

1. The ABSOLUT VODKA ROCK EDITION was developed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock

This is NOT the case. It is a celebration of rock and roll, but we have never, in any communication, mentioned anything about Woodstock.

2. The ABSOLUT VODKA ROCK EDITION was designed by Natalia Brilli

This is NOT the case. Natalia Brilli was involved in the Berlin launch event, but the ROCK EDITION bottle was developed by ABSOLUT in collaboration with Family Business.